Draw an imaginary circle on the ground with your finger and then stand OUTSIDE the circle and start speaking your powerful I AM statements into your circle, which will create a hologram of energy.  You can even use your hands to throw each statement into your circle after you speak them.

After saying your I AM’s, step into the imaginary circle and the hologram of energy you created.  Massage this energy into your body from your toes up to the top of your head.  Open your arms, embrace this energy and then close your arms over your  heart.  Then blow this energy out from your hands, as if you are casing the seeds of it into the ethers of the Universe to start forming and manifesting into your life.

When you do this I Am exercise daily you will see the manifestations of your affirmations.

You should also offer a prayer of gratitude each time you do this exercise.  You can say, “Thank you God, the Angels, and my spirit helpers and guides, for assisting me in my creations.  I appreciate all the spiritual assistance and help you are providing for me and thank you for helping me experience the full measure of my creative powers. Amen!

From: http://www.nikkiboruch.com/i-am-affirmations-exercise/

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