I met a Homeless Man by Dr. Julito tigley.

Not all Canadians are living in joy and affluent life. Some have experiences also, similarly to our countrymen in the Philippines were also mostly scarred with poverty. Homelessness can be seen also elsewhere, and they have their story which is worthy to listen and invite us to sympathize with their situations. I was sitting on the bench of one of the best park of Kitchener, and one man came and sat beside me. He looks like he is a drug addicted, slim and with uncombed hair, with few tattoos in his Arms. Sure, I am scared, but he talked politely, and ask me for food. I extended my small help to him, and he was happy. Later, we talk to each other, and he told me about his ordeal. He was born in one of the northernmost parts of Ontario. At Sudbury, he said, most of the kids have not gone to Toronto, and that is their ambition, to see the City, which for them, a very promising place for good life. He has no money, and his saving in his home is not much enough, to make an affluent travel. One fine day, in one of the best summer, a slow moving cargo train passed by, and he said, the length is almost a kilometer. He was enticed to run after, and hid at the back, bringing only his clothing in his body. The Train crossed mountains and valley, and he was overjoyed in his experience. the sun was helping him until he reached in downtown Toronto. He was very happy to see the beauty of the Highest Tower and felt also the wonder of a city life. He walked aimlessly, until nighttime then, he realized the problem of sleeping. He was forced to settle behind the Garbage bin, and find one big cartoon, for his bedding. His weariness helped him sleep well. In the following morning, he was awakened by a group of three people and was told to follow them. with no words, he followed them, and they went to the earby house, he said, it was an after house where most homeless went their to eat free only in the morning. He said they were so many, and people were talking about him, because he was so young. After their breakfast, he went alone,walking and was not able to find a job. Store were looking for papers he doesnt have, and he was no answer about his schooling. after a month with no jobs, he went with the group of homeless and living underneath. Then, he felt regretful, and he felt that what he learned from the Government are all false. He was used now to adjust that kind of life, eating once a day, and drink more tap water, ask food remains in any snack foods. And he said, in their group sex is but nothing, men and women engaged in sex at night time, and people around just close their eyes, and shut up their ears.
A week after, one of the olds among them, bring him to a nearby store, and introduced him to the owner. He was hired as an aide. He worked and it was that time that he felt everything is okay. He was offered by the owner to stay and sleep in the garage of the store. so, he also acted as a security of the store at night time. Everything was okay for him, and he doesnt portray anymore as a homeless person. and the uncontrolled situation came. He happened to have relations with the daughter. And they love with each other, no one knows about it. They keep it as their secret. But one night, the daughter went to the garage, and they slept together. It was at that time, that they were caught by the father, having sex. the following morning, he was kicked out by the father. So, He was back again in the street. Actually, he regretted very much, after a month,his savings were all spent out, and he now came back to line himself in the free food snack again. He met a man who was mad on him. there was rumble, and he was brought to the Police station, but the other one was brought to the hospital,and was dead. He was convicted and served in Prison, and was discharge for probation after serving for 5 years for maslaughter. Now he is back in the street again. He worked as squiggy, Now he is in kitchener now looking for changes, and he said, that he has no hope anymore. And he said he is jus waiting for his life to end. I advice him to go back to church, pray to Jesus, and let God help him. We have to be thankful on our life. Many the same as him, were given break in their life. And it may happen to everyone. He stand up, and walked aimlessly. them, we parted. It is not an easy to be a drifter.

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