* Daniel isn’t okay * // Lux Stories

“Are you okay, Dan? You seem down?” “Ah yes, I’m fine.” He smiles, just for the livestream. He’s not fine. The love of his life lives with him, but the thing is, his love doesn’t know he is his love. They live a great life in London, living in a luxury apartment as popular YouTubers on the internet. He wants him–no, he needs him. “Dan! I’m ordering pizza. Do you want some?” Phil. “Yeah! Ah Phil. Anyway…” He goes back to pretending and being happy. When in reality he cries himself to sleep at night because of the deep love in his heart for this man. Someone who he has a chance with–he’d never take that chance. No reason to risk a friendship that’s almost 10 years old? Right? Wrong. He doesn’t know that though. He stands still in a desert whilst others look and search and find water. He doesn’t. The others find their way out of the hot dry desert. He doesn’t. He stands there, watching Phillip wander around with a smile on his face, drinking out of a canteen. He doesn’t try. Daniel Howell. Someone who cries about something he has the ability to change. He doesn’t. Love Phil with all his heart? He does.


(Not real events….I mean they could be….I don’t know, but probably not (thankfully) :D)

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