Went for chemo yesterday.  Lots of nurses were on vacation so there were a lot of new faces filling in.  Also it was super busy and I was put in a private room for chemo.  When my blood work came back and my nurse came in he kneeled down beside me (not a good sign) and told me that my counts were all really low and that I needed a blood transfusion.  Like how was I even able to stand up.  I don’t know.  So I got 1 bag.  They wouldn’t give me the strong chemo because I wouldn’t be able to handle it.  I need to get my body  built back up.  So I am scheduled for a blood transfusion on Thursday.  Also because my vision has been so blurry I am scheduled for an MRI on Monday.  Why don’t  I have a good feeling about all of this. 

On a lighter note.  My son called me and told me he had a delivery to make and would I like to go with him.  I got to do something I have never done before.  Ride in  a 53′ tractor trailer.  Getting in and out wasn’t easy and the seat was uncomfortable but it was just a short distance that we went and so I toughed it out.  Check that one off my bucket list.


2 thoughts on “MY JOURNEY WITH THE big c”

  1. Hello, I know you are going through a lot . I have seen many cancer patients and few of my relatives suffered from it , suffering from it . ( It runs in my family ) . But I can see you have been strong till now . Stay strong like this and keep fighting . I will pray for your well-being .

  2. Yes, she has been strong for SO long. So brave. I wish I could donate some of my blood to you. I will send up prayers for you instead. HUGS!

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