259.8 – Down 2 pounds, woot woot

Awesome day yesterday- my sister finally, finally agreed to watch Star Wars for the first time! So it was my sisterly duty to ensure that she starts watching them in the correct order, so we ended up with a dinner of meatballs and a showing of A New Hope. She took to it well, and said, “Wow, I get so many Family Guy references now.”

Dad and I got back to our long walks yesterday, which was awesome because I missed them. Long walk again today.

B: Eggs and bacon, black coffee with coconut oil
S: Tea with coconut oil
L: Grilled chicken with mayo & mustard, a small spinach salad with olive oil
D: Supposed to be brats, but we’ll see. I’m not feeling brats, but then again it’s 5:20 AM, sooooo… maybe I will later?

Have an awesome OP day, all

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