20. Unsettling

2 a.m. here we are again.

                                                              no surprise there.

I slept good for two days.


Tomorrow morning I have a job interview I am actually really excited for even thought it still involves the food industry. Although it’s nights, and leaves me time for school, close to the house so it’ll save me gas and miles on the car. Not to mention commute time as well. Which all in all I’m hoping it leaves me time for other things I really would like to get on track in my life.

Dakota is being awfully stubborn lately, and its getting on my last nerve.

I just realized I’ve been driving around and going places for the past 3 hours in a pair of pants that have a hole in the crotch….great.


                                                                At least I was wearing underwear…ha.

I have spent time with Ann for the past two days, but its been some hard days. There’s that voice in the back of my head to blurt out questions of things that just don’t make sense….like why was that persons texts the only ones she deleted….there was obviously a urgency to delete them, and that advice but not anyone else’s. Something about it is just unsettling to me. She had that apartment quite quickly after that argument, so how soon before that did argument did she actually contact them.

                                                                        How long had she been planning to leave me..

I’m not sure I know how I feel about these things, whether I should bring them up, or just leave it alone.

                                                                   I think I need a few days alone.

Do I explain to her why I’m taking a few days alone, or do I simply just say I need some time…

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