Ive been sexually active since I was 12 years old . 12 years old , and never had an std check , I guess I was always scared that I would hear the whole you tested positive for “hiv” thing , I don’t know how I would ever react to it , would I accept it and do better , would I kill myself ? Would I just rather not know and keep doing me ? Would I be so angry I’ll just have sex even more carelessly knowing my conditions  ? Like it was really scary to me , but I took it , and I promised god that I would be more careful if I came out clean , and I did , and recently I watched that “KIDS” movie about the boy who had hiv and I dreamt I tested positive , (I’m still sexually active btw) then I woke up to a facebook friend of mine exposing some girl from my area for having hiv and herpes, and she said something about her already fucking a couple friends of ours so i panicked even more I guess it’s a sighn to be more careful from now on I’m gonna go get tested again woon

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