Can it just stop??

I had just recovered from the recent attack. Fortunately, I wasn’t there – only saw it on the news.

Actually, the first statement was a lie. Such things aren’t something one easily recovers from.

Amy said that it’s okay, eventually ISIL will be destroyed.

I’m not voting this year. I doubt I’m sane enough anyway.

But even if I did, it wouldn’t be for Theresa May.

She is flipping useless. She does absolutely nothing, only talks.

She said we should be able to mention Christmas. Mention! She acts like she doesn’t want to hurt the feelings of the Islamists who came here without an invitation, while actually hurting her own people.

Well, how about they go back to where they came from?! I’m sure there are plenty of Muslim countries where there’s peace. So let them go over there, UK is NOT for them. And neither is Germany, France, Sweden, or any other European country. They don’t belong here.

Yeah, I’m fine with them if they respect us and our culture. But they don’t! They hurt us. They disrespect us. And I’m done with them.

Americans, you’re lucky. You have no idea, even, many of you. Your president tries to protect you. Yes, he’s not perfect, but who is? I, for one, would rather have him than May. At least he does something.

No, he isn’t being evil towards Muslims. According to what I’ve heard, the ban is going to be temporary. It’s going to protect you, don’t you understand? 

Wake up, people. Be grateful for what you have.

One thought on “Can it just stop??”

  1. Hmmm. Not sure I agree with much of anything you said but doubt I can mount a rebut that will disarm or persuade someone to see the middle ground with such a polarized view. Good luck with the dualist us/them stuff.

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