Car Insurance Bull Sh*t

OMG!!!! I can finally breathe again. This whole car “partial theft” ( that’s what insurance calls it) bull shit has been a very adulting experience. Calling the police to report the crime, ” Yes, Officer Parker they took my tires and replaced them with shitty old one, and even used my stare tire.” ¬†Being on the phone for hrs at a time, with my insurance company several times and not being able to reach the assigned reps to my case. Got me heated and, taking it out on other reps, when i know it’s not their fault. But at the same time, how the fuck do they not know where my car is after it has been towed? Oh the tow company decided to fucking keep it for 2 days instead of delivering it the next day to the collision center I specifically choose? Oh and the lack of communication, I’ve experience is ridiculous! How is it possible to always get a reps voicemail through out the whole entire day? And how the fuck are you going to answer my 5 questions, with a one sentence question????? It would have been more professional to tell the out of each scenario I questioned about, but instead you just came off inexperienced, and unwilling to help with your passive aggressive answer with a question.

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