I’m finally home after a long day, just about ready for tomorrow. One more bag to pack.  As I walked out of the office today, it was a bit emotional I must say.  Why… Because God puts people in your life to connect you to His plan for you.  On Monday, it was my small group.  Today it is my Summit family!  I thank them for their continued prayers and support; from the long talk with MacRay about his mission trip to Cuba, Steve stopping by my office to wish me well, the call from JP, the hug from Louise,  followed by the long goodbyes with JD, Krista and Janielle, and a final farewell from Ryan.  It is true that where you work becomes an extension of your family because we spend so much time with each other;  today, I left feeling connected by a common purpose – professionally and personally.  I thank God for Summit.  

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