Day 468 – Secret path, great teachers, play & tip

Wednesday, June 7th 2017

Today was interesting.

I started with art. I continued working on my sketch for my exam, then left for English, where I continued my independent study unit task. No clue when it’s due, haha.

At lunch I sat with Kohai behind the school, where I didn’t know there was a path at, despite being there for 5 years. She showed me where she eats sometimes and we talked. No one really passed, but our psychology teacher at some point did and jokingly said “You better not be doing any vandalism!” Later he asked me if I did while in his class, which I laughed and said no at, although I should have said I wrote “(teacher’s name) was here”. It’s a shame though, cause that psychology class was our last official class with him and now we’re just studying for the exam. I loved his class so much and the way he taught was just amazing. Really wish I had him again, and I could next year, but I’d have to sacrifice my spare, where I could use that time to study… Sigh, I’m just gonna have to say goodbye and at least be happy that I was able to have such a great teacher. I still have my other great teacher at least! We’re closer, but I’ll admit the other one has better humour, haha. One I can share my love of Star Wars with and he is very motivational, as well as knew my brother well, the other is very comedic and experienced a lot, even went to North Korea, and is also motivational, but doesn’t do many speeches compared to the other. They’re both great teachers.

I finished with art and we had a substitute. The bell barely rang when I had a nose bleed, so Kohai joined me while we got that sorted out in the restroom. Then we went back and saw no one was in the class. We went around and saw classes were leaving, so we asked a sort of teacher/assistant, not sure what the name is, we’ve just known her forever (since 6th grade for me), but she told us people were going to go see a theatre play in the cafeteria. Turns out it was also a practice. It was bad. No one had any clue what was going on, nor could we hear the actors, since they were so quiet. The teacher in charge of the theatre group even told someone in the audience to yell to be louder.

At home I quickly ate, went to the doctor (all is good), played a few games, watched Supernatural and now I’m going to bed. By the way, did you know if you put water and salt in your nose every day, but without medicine in whatever bottle you’re using, it’s good for you, since it kills 30% of infections? It also helps prevent dryness (less nose bleeds for me) and help with allergies. I knew there was the other nasal thing that had no effect on me, but just the simple water and salt bottle we bought is amazing. It’s weird at first, but from what I heard, you get used to it and it basically becomes like washing your hands. I don’t like doing it that much, because you get that feeling as if you were swimming and water went into your nose, but I’ll get used to it.

That’s all for today.

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