Did I mention I love my life? Because I love my life right at this very moment.

Outside it feels like Summer, sunshine everywhere and the clouds are puffy, pretty, and sparse. 

Yesterday, Ashton and I went hiking to the eastern mountain hills to a big beautiful lake and we took a boat ride around, it was so beautiful. The water is almost crystal clear and you can see all the fishes and the rocks, and yet it still manages to reflect the sky above, its so gorgeous. And on the hiking trail and into the woods there are wild flowers still in bloom all over, absolutely stunning panoramic views once you get to the top. Then after a long day of spending time in nature and light hiking we came home and had our own little bbq, I bbq-ed because he doesn’t know how to cook AT ALL lol. When I finished washing and tidying up the kitchen, he comes up behind me, picks me up in his arms, and carries me to my bedroom, and makes love to me for the rest of the night. And always, right before and right after, he tells me how much he loves me. 🙂 I love him so much!

Today we spent the day shopping, and at night we went to a bonfire at the lake with all of my friends, it was really fun actually. 

Tomorrow we’re planning on going water rafting with some of my friends. Even Stacey, her brother, and her sister are coming along. I’M SO EXCITED! I love LOVE water sports, especially water rafting and tubbing. 

How did it work out so well? He was just this reserved, conservative, always put together, always quiet and shy, –  looking guy in class who I got partnered up with. He didn’t have tattoos, piercings, or long hair so I never gave him a second look. If they didn’t look like Marilyn Manson I wasn’t into it lol. I was even bummed I got partnered with him instead of my bff Stacey. 🙂 And now, I’m in love with him, its like a dream come true for me.

Well I’m going to go cuddle with my love, goooooooodnight everyone! xo

  • The names Skylar btw 😛 


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