In my thoughts, I’ve dreamed of contacting your wife. I wanted to tell her everything. Even when it started, I saw red flags on how you treated her in the past and a string of infidelities of your own to follow. I actually defended her at times despite my own actions against her. You told me how she neglected you for so many years and how lazy she was, but that you both were a good team in raising your daughters. You took on the responsibility of breadwinner with your business, while she remained at home to raise your girls. We sent pictures of our kids daily. We injected each other into our personal lives quickly and brought them into it. I fell in love with your girls and I had always wanted a daughter or two. They were beautiful, talented, sweet, and straight A students. The perfect little girls. You and your wife were a great team raising them and I envied that strong support between a mother and father. Something I had missed out on while raising my son as a single parent for so many years until I met my husband. You promised to be a stellar role model for my son and preached to me about how you would treat him as your own. You struck a chord in my heart strings and made me fall deeper for you every day. 

After 4 months, you told her. You had the upper hand in finances and planned your escape. Things were moving fast and I was overwhelmed with a turmoil in my heart and a longing to be in your arms. We hadn’t even seen each other yet, but the time was closing in and we both planned our escape to see each other as quickly as we could. It was the power of fate directing us and our actions were not our own anymore. The day came and I rushed to you like a magnetic force that I had never felt before. We spent the night together and never left our room. I remember the way you looked at me and the way you made love to me fiercely all night long. We were both so nervous at first and didn’t expect it to go as far as it did, but we let our guard down and gave in to each other. The next morning, I felt guilt and pain in my heart and I knew that I had ruined your marriage and the fate of my own was on the brink. I was a homewrecker. I had cruelly thrown my commitment to another man in the trash and didn’t look back. I had already separated myself from him emotionally and I started to resent him for neglecting me in the ways I thought I needed. You helped me push him away and was coaxing the transition. This was the beginning of our fate and our tumultuous roller coaster ride. She may think I’m a homewrecker as you portrayed me to be or the sinful seductress that stole you away, but it takes two to tango and you played a good convincing game. One that I would lose in the end.

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