Just Do It!

I haven’t written my second post yet. Guys, I’m telling you I am terrible at handling my anxiety. I somehow cant even do what I truly enjoy; putting my thoughts into words. However, things have gotten a lot better. I did actually break down and go to a doctor, (after having panic attacks almost daily) and got on the right medication for me. Which honestly it did help, but I also went to the doctors two months ago. Okay so, what else is the problem? I have found the answer. My life is so much better recently. I have came to realize I am overwhelmed.

I had borrowed a book from a friend and she told me I needed this about two weeks ago. One of my major motivation is behind what this author had written. In my own words, she explains that when something needs to be done don’t push it off until later, JUST DO IT, your future self will thank you later. I’ve gotten so much work done it’s amazing. Pulling myself out of feeling like “I can’t ever do what those other moms can do” is such a HUGE relief. 

I had also learned how to let go. My house still has clutter. I can come up with a lot of projects if I truly tried, but I now understand it can cause a lot of stress. I take a couple and I will not move on from those until I get them done. That’s all I can handle along with the daily surprises from my family, which happens everyday. 

These may seem like simple tips but for me these were huge steps I had to allow in my life. I’m starting to get my life back and hope to improve. Yes I still overthink things. Yes I still worry a lot, but just these few improvements has made me take control of my life again.

Goodnight journal 


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