Life Sucks

Life is 2 hard.  I can’t deal even with the day to day shit. I am nothing but a hurt angry child in a so called woman’s body. 

Karma does NOT exist.

I am fated for a life of shit thrown my way and no one to help. No one to care.  

2 thoughts on “Life Sucks”

  1. I read it. Maybe I don’t agree with your sentiment that you will get shit for your entire life but agree that no one will help. I also agree that life is extremely hard.

    Perhaps karma is fake, I hate the idea of a piggy bank of good deeds but appreciate that if positive love is put forth it will return eventually. Probably not in a ‘My name is Earl’ fashion, but definitely on a good karma breeds good will level.

  2. Watch/Listen to “Tony Robbins” on YouTube , trust me you will enjoy it

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