My Life is Dull except the kits

So it’s been awhile since my last entry. Which is whatever since nothing much has really happened besides having that episode of back pain, which I went to the doctor for. 
Literally have no idea what is wrong with me. They took a bunch of x-rays last Thursday and it didn’t show anything and scheduled me or an ultrasound this morning (thursday). I haven’t eaten or drank anything since midnight and it sucks working nights for this reason lol.  I’m normally a night snacker…sooo that is probably why I have gained so much weight, but I’m starting to lose it now and I’m trying to get my ass on a workout so I can lose more before high school reunion next year. 
Anyways, the doctors think it may be my gallbladder and that’s why I’m having the ultrasound, but if it isn’t then I have to have blood work and other tests done.  Maybe I’ll schedule a chiropractor appointment also just to be sure.  I just hope they figure it out before the next attack happens because I do not want to go through that last one ever again. The pain in my back and abdomen was so excruciating that it caused me to pass out from the pain, but wake back up from the pain to vomit and pass back out again for it to happen again.  Only extremely hot water made the pain go away, but hot water doesn’t last 6 hours so I would have to turn it off and the pain would be right back again and I would have to try keep passed out for at least an hour before I could go back into the shower. Worst day ever, so hopefully today goes well.

In other news, I almost had a heart attack coming home from work one morning. There was a dead animal on the side of the road and I freaked out. It literally looked like a dead fox and I got so worked up that it was the mama fox and I instantly starting thinking of wildlife rescues I could call and thinking of ways I could get them in a trap. Oh my gods I freaked, but after an hour I decided to go back and look….after feeding the baby foxes of course.  Here is was a raccoon that got ran over. Ugh. I felt so bad for the raccoon, but I was so relieved it wasn’t the mama fox. Going past it at 70mph and not noticing it until I was right up on it…I was too interested on what was playing on the radio or I was digging around my front seat for something as I drove past it.  But the coloring was pretty close to the fox. Mama is a red fox but she had darker coloring so that’s how I got them mixed up. 
So mama and babies were fine. I’m such a sucker for animals. I even tried talking Nathan into letting me try trap and raise them, but that would NOT work out well in the long run lol.   Just the other day, I drove by after visiting one of my grandmas in the nursing home and one of the babies were out and it was such a deep orange color! The other two I’ve seen were the darker color the mom was, but this baby was ORANGE.  So damn beautiful it was. I wanted to sit and just watch,  but they are smart and hide when a vehicle comes by and if they know you are still there they don’t come out anymore, even with food in front of the den.  Getting smart.  It’s best that way, so they don’t end up living a shorter life. 
Well, I get to leave work early to try get some sleep before my test in the morning. So, maybe I will come back and let you know what’s going on. 

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  1. Hope your health gets better soon and glad the foxes are okay!

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