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Again woke up at six, and eventually I passed out from dizziness on the table.

First dream was a mess: classmates, guys from Uni, the “b1scu1ts”… Popular ex-classmate girl living like a bum in old abandoned house. Was really strange and sad to see her like that.

Second vision is still on my mind. It was so real… I was at Uni, on sixth floor, at the table. With the Italian. Except for us, the floor was empty. He was hugging me slightly on the shoulders with one hand, and the other hand lay on the table. He told me that I had to make the decision, that I couldn’t be cheating on myself and on him anymore. That everyone have always been cheating on him. I sighed, said that he was right, but… He told he understood how tough it was, but anyway I had to let him go. Hugged me even more, and at that moment I couldn’t control myself anymore. I rushed to him, wrapping my arms around him and holding him closer. Started talking and almost told how I feel about him… And then regained consciousness on the table in my room.


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