The grass is green and the sky is blue in a perfect world. But what if the sky was black and the grass was purple? would everything be the same and the colors just different? or would this world be complete twisted upside down and be nothing like this? I go in deep thought. I think of these things. But sometimes i feel crazy, and ask myself why these thoughts? why do i over think everything too the point im confused on what im asking myself in my head! Like i would make no sense too any other human, that being the reason it all stays in my head, and i talk it out with myself because at the end of the day im the only one who fully gets me. Understands my thought pattern and who i am. I can ask myself all the questions i want and not be judged but if i walked up to you and asked anything like i ask myself you would think i was some kind of crazy and would run and hide. This world is left with nothing but judgmental assholes, too the point where i cant even get an explanation of why the grass is not purple/and why the sky is blue. You cant be a young mother going threw the grocery store in her sweats with messy hair and a crying baby that just wants to go take a nap without being judged without getting the snotty looks and comments. Why cant anyone appreciate that everyone is different, everything is done differently by this person per you. I dont clean my house like you do and some days i wanna chill and not clean every little thing off the floor, do i get up and do it? 90% of the time the other 10 is out of my control in this crazy ass life. But does that give you permission to discriminate against me? someone you dont know? thats living a life in any situation and you have  no idea what they go threw or why. So why cant we all sit down shut up worry about themselves and there family.



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