the main rule.

08 june 2017.

skillet – awake and alive.

well, hello everyone who will ever read this online journal I’m writing right now. and welcome i guess. its my first time I’m writing something like it, online and public, but i hope it will go fine, my first and main rule is always being honest about everything I’m writing or will write. actually the same rule works for me in the real life, at least I’m trying my best almost all the time, but admit that sometimes it can get hard and difficult to be always kind and nice to everyone. sometimes you honestly doing your best to the person, but never get any payback at the same level, thats the hardest part about being kind,  all tryings feels very useless and stupid, stepping over your own pride and keep going as nothing happened, yeah, thats a part of my life. a great start i made by just telling what was in my mind. anyway I’m not the fan of those daily diaries about normal daily life, when people just describing what did happen to them during the day, thats so boring, never understood people who are reading that kind of stuff, thats my own opinion, whatever. i just think that trying to write about how you feel and how you think is much more interesting. cus sometimes people see their own selves by reading someone other feelings. don’t know, just isn’t it so? thats my first writing, i think i must to tell a little bit about myself. to be short, I’m just a person with a lot of troubles behind my back that never get fixed and never will be.

with love, marta.

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  1. We all have troubles behind us, it’s the looking into the moment that we find peace. Notice I didn’t specify looking forward, that’s a much trickier thing and often causes anxiety.

    Thank you for opening up, I too just started to chronical my mid life

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