the intensity of 2017

Dear Diary,

Let’s talk about 2017, please.
One word… wow!

2017 has so far been one of the most eventful years I can remember,both in good ways and some bad ways. Let’s break it down, so far!

1. My sister and her boyfriend is having a baby this year. I’ve known it since Christmas 2016, but the baby doesn’t arrive until September, but still!

2. While we’re on the subject of my dear sister, she and her boyfriend have also bought a house! I’m so happy for them!!

3. I finally started to regularly talk to the most wonderful man in my life, and now we’re together <3. I’m so happy I could flip, but let’s save all that for another post (because I will need to talk about it).

4. I’m on my way to get my drivers license… this is not the most happy one though, since I’ve struggled a bit with getting it…

Some other things that hopefully will happen during the rest of the year if i can get what I want: 

I hope to buy a car, my boyfriend will get an apartment and he want’s me to move in whenever I’m comfortable with it and when we’re ready, I hope to get the courage to apply to another job.

Let’s hope I make these things happen!!


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