Knight in shining armor

I sometimes feel that is that silly to think of a knight in shining armor who will come one day and rescue you or is it just an illusion. Well..even if its an illusion its such an amazing fantasy. Life is so complicated at times that you feel that you need to have this window where you can just escape into and just be with that imaginary knight of yours. Someone whose voice just makes you weak in your knees, his presence makes you tense….you want him to go but at the same time gosh you want him more. I guess I watch a lot of movies but I guess it is important to me as it gives you that break where there are no rules to bound you. Things which seems crazy to someone else seems just so right. I guess when you watch a tv series or a movie you can imagine anything and think whatever you want and guess what no questions asked. It is your life in that world no rules no boundaries. It is so difficult to find someone like that whom you can just be yourself whom you can discuss the crapiest and the most sickest things and you know that it will just stay with that person no matter what. Even if there is a misunderstanding or a fight still those things remain intact because in hearts of hearts you still have the best intention for them. This world at times I dont know where its headed. Why do people fight, why these wars etc…cant people just be good and make peace. After all what do you get by having fights or misunderstanding …NOTHING. I feel it is such a waste of time why cant people just talk it out and clear out the mess. Life is so short and it gets shorter with the world going to what it is currently. It is so tough to find even friends because to trust someone it is not about the years spent but just that one moment when you feel that vibe that gosh he is the one. I know it and I can feel it inside me. I have had people who have been friends with me for years but what is the use they don’t even know what to say when or even make the time even to say a hi. So I came into a conclusion that years dont matter it is just the moment. You can feel that and no one can tell you. It is not for others to judge or explain to you but you to feel it and experience it.

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