You’re just over dramatic

(This isn’t necessarily my situation. Just my observations)

You’re just over dramatic.

NO! Shut up you ignorant fool and quit calling people that. When I freak out that you never listen to me. It’s because I have gone months with no way to explain my feelings to anyone. It’s because I am depressed and don’t know what to do. But the one time I get upset because you don’t listen and I get frustrated because I don’t know how to describe my feelings you can’t be patient, take the time to talk to me. NO! All you do is yell at me for being over dramatic “To intense”. I can’t talk to anyone. I’m stuck in my own head. No one cares. I want to rip out my hair and slam my head into a wall. I’m lost with no way out and you refuse to give me a map. You call me lazy, a slacker when I don’t come and help out with things that used to make me happy. You make me feel like I am lazy and won’t do my part. You don’t see my anxiety, my struggles and what makes me the way I am. You don’t care. You can’t hear me screaming in my head, crying at night. Wondering what is wrong with me. Why I’m so lost. You don’t pay attention to the sadness in my eyes or the slow dreary steps. Why should you? It doesn’t involve you..Does it? Maybe you can’t see it because you’re a self-centered idiot. Or maybe you can’t see it because you wake up every morning and see the sadness in your own eyes. Maybe you are screaming inside to.Maybe you are lashing out at me because you are in the same situation. You can’t help others..Because there is no one to help you.

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