6. Jealousy.

So.. just needing to vent a bit. Last night my husband was playing his Friday the 13th game which is whatever, but I hear that he was happy that he is talking to his close friend again from a long time ago and yes it’s a female. 

I wish I wasn’t bothered at all but something inside me was just super heart breaking which is just weird and I hate it. He was excited and he told her about how he is married now and everything which is great! 

I still had the feeling though. Again.. I don’t know why. Then she added him and he added her and what kinda just made me go “uh.. well… I don’t know about this” was when she added him, you can see her picture pop up and her boobs are hanging out.. 

Okay she can do her.. whatever but, the thing is is that I don’t know how their relationship was last time they talked. I love him with all my heart and I wish I wasn’t bothered at all by this. I’m glad he had a person back then to help him get through things and stuff but I’m just so bothered by all this. 

I guess it’s because my husband and I met in Xbox. We talked everyday and night and Skyped all the time. We fell in love. 

I don’t want to call it jealousy because I’m not jealous of her, I mean I have everything right here. I am happy. 

I’ll get over it I j ow I will. I’ll pray over this and God will help me be that loving trusting wife. 

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