Day 469 – Allergies and school

Thursday, June 8th 2017

Today was a bit irritating. My allergies were bothering me all day and I constantly was about to fall asleep, which I later discovered was possibly because I took an allergy pill that might be one of those sleepy ones…

I started with English. We continued watching the movie, then I left for art, where I continued my creation process.

At lunch I sat with my close friends as usual, trying not to fall asleep from the pill by opening my eyes after letting them close for a few seconds. My friend was chuckling at that and saying “Yeah, you do look tired.” I didn’t know why at the time, since I did get enough hours of sleep, so she was as confused as I was. I also drew a pit on my other friend’s mini white board.

In French we discussed the exam, which seems simple enough, and did our plan for our essay that will be on the exam, and will be a walk in the park, since we just have to rewrite what we already wrote, but in more detail.

In psychology I finally started reading The Crucible and already pretty far into it for a 120+ page play with commentary from the author. I’m at page 39 or something. I’m gonna speed through it for the dialogue, since I already saw it in the movie. The critism from the author is what I need for my task anyway.

We went outside for the last ten minutes, because a student asked our teacher to do so, since it was nice outside. Knowing how he hates cold weather and loves the warmth, he agreed. Then at home I watched YouTube, still tired, ate, streamed myself drawing for my art exam, and this is what I did so far :

Didn’t notice the smudge of blue, so gotta erase that. Was testing out different colouring tools.

Hopefully my runny nose, sneezing and watery eyes stop tomorrow.

That’s all for today.

2 thoughts on “Day 469 – Allergies and school”

  1. AHHH it’s a robot holding a bunny!!!!! That is too precious. And a really good drawing; I can imagine the robot being all curious with how soft the rabbit is and how they’re so different. I also like how pastel it is; are you going to add more color to it later, or just leave it simple?

    Hopefully your allergies get better quickly! The symptoms don’t sound very fun to have :-/

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