Ex-boyfriend and embarassing dress shopping.

Last night my ex-boyfriend called me a total of nine times last night at 12am, I wasn’t happy. I was watching a show on my phone and even-though he’s been blocked, some of his repeated calls go through. He hasn’t talked to me since February 18th, and stopped trying to call me in April. I changed my profile picture for my messenger app a second time(one of my friends was complaining about my artistic photos), one of the numerous apps I either blocked or deleted him from. I appreciate his motivation, but I don’t appreciate his constant calls. I’ve avoided the dude for over three months, just because my messenger app seems to prove I’m alive, doesn’t mean you have to call me at 12am. Sometimes I think he does it to be annoying instead of just trying to get a hold of me.

Anyways. Dress shopping is today. I like to think I can fit in anything, but seems I can’t fit in most clothing like I used to.  A few weeks back when I went to look for a dress, I found this beautiful pastel pink body-con dress(again, not sure if that’s what they call it or not).

I somehow managed to slip into it only to find out I couldn’t get it off. It wouldn’t fit over my chest or hips, though my waist fit perfectly. I somehow managed to shimmy out of it without needing it to be ripped in order to get it off. I almost ripped it…I’m sure it has some signs of being almost ripped. I thought I would have to be cut out of it to be honest.

So I went to the short’s section of the store, where I found some questionable items. First off, I just hope this guy that saw me doesn’t think I’m THAT type of person. I was searching for shorts and ran across these mini-shorts that could have been a substitute for underwear and this handsome guy saw me checking them out and snickered behind his hand as he walked by. Sure, I was looking at what size it was, but it was out of the fact at how small they are. They really were crazy to see. I’m sure he thought I was looking at them for myself, which I wasn’t. I tried on close to 15 shorts and skirts, only to find that 95% of the shorts there didn’t fit my hips at all or barely made it over my thighs.Clothes shopping really has a way to make you feel disgusted with yourself for eating so much ice cream.

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