Friday June 9th

Lord, I feel like this week has just gone on and on! My apartment is a wreck and that is driving me crazy! Who knows when they will get around to repairing the wall where they busted it out to install the new pipes. If fucking Victor will get my fan hung today, I can at least clean up my bedroom. I hate everything being in disarray. I want to have the whole apartment painted at some point- I really don’t need to spend the money right now, though. 

I went to the Whitney last night with Christine. We went to the little restaurant right next door to it afterwards. We met a really nice man there at the bar. I should say Christine met him and I was there, too. She is so good at talking to people. She really is. She knows how to start up conversations in a non-awkward manner and she can flirt effortlessly. I just stand there like a dolt. Someone has to at least talk to me first. I am not a skilled conversation starter and I certainly have no clue how to flirt! I am awkward as hell. I do so much better, though, at least when I am with a group of friends, or at least A friend. By myself, I got nothing. 

I have an interview next week with a gifted school. I think I have a good shot at it. It’s a stellar school and it’s in my neighborhood. It would get me back into teaching science, closer to home, and I would be out of my current superintendent’s district- that is a good thing because she is an absolute ass. 

It will be interesting to see if the guy we met last night contacts us- or one of us. 

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