Picture of my hair at the moment lol. Don’t know why it uploaded on its side though.

Just going to be a quick entry. Feeling really unsettled as it’s Harry’s birthday next Thursday. His dad has planned a biggg party for him this Sunday. The court order is three hours on a Saturday & three hours on a Sunday. But obviously for this party dad wants Harry for six hours for the party & ive said no, stick to the court order but he’s really upset & we have had a bit of an argument where I said he treats Harry like a show dog/trophy & this party is the show. A six hour party with 20-30 people Harry doesn’t know? & im not invited…well I was invited at 2pm when they had had ‘their normal three hours’ as the dad put it then rather than drop Harry back at 2pm I come up to extend their time with Harry. Do they think I’m stupid that I don’t know they were trying to just use me there as the court order only gives them three hours? I can’t go anyway because of arrangements with my family but I did call Harry’s dad out just on inviting me at 2pm. 

When I said to stick to the court order (I might have extended it if it was just a party with a much smaller number of people but I think 20 or 30 is just too much for him without me?! He’s only going to be two he won’t understand what’s going on?) the dad said I was making that decision for my own selfish interests in which I replied him taking me & his own child to court when he had regular contact with Harry anyway was in his selfish interests & I work so hard to look after Harry & all he does is complain about me & shows no kind of gratitude or support. Then the bit about the shows of which I shouldn’t have said.

Urgh i feel really bad about all this. Will is coming on the Thursday to see Harry I said that was fine…I don’t know whether I’ve done the right thing. Harry is a very sensitive & shy child, but extremely clever & observant. Sigh. I don’t know. 

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