The Guilt Trip

June, 2017
  Ever since these negative spirits began harassing me, I have seen them employ a particular tactic of psychological abuse. I have seen them use this tactic repeatedly in other accounts that I’ve seen of this situation as well. This tactic is one of trying to make a person feel guilty about particular things, either about themselves or about things from their past. They may torment you about a particular behavior, or characteristic of your personality or just about anything that they think could instill a sense of guilt and shame in you. I have seen them using this same tactic repeatedly.
   They will try and make you feel like you deserve their abuse because of something that you’ve done. As I’ve said before, these harassing negative entities employ an extreme form of psychological warfare and this is one tactic (the guilt trip) that I’ve seen them using in many other cases that I’ve seen. So, one finding themselves in a similar situation as this can be assured, these harassing voices are not really on your case in the way that they portray because of anything that you’ve done. This guilt trip tactic is literally just another tactic from their arsenal of psychological mind games. Once you clearly see this for what it really is, it will have little to no impact upon you at all.
   They often do not give up on this tactic very easily either. I think perhaps that it’s accurate to say that perhaps this is one of their favorite devious tactics. They have been employing this tactic with me since day one, only now they don’t seem to put as much effort into making it come off as convincing. I think that they are fully aware that I have seen through this one.
  But, they seem to just keep recycling through their same old bag of tricks over and over and each time that they use these same tactics, their impact becomes less and less significant. It essentially boils down to why should I concern myself with their opinions anyway. I didn’t ask for their opinions, I don’t need their opinions and I don’t want their opinions. This guilt trip ploy that they use is clearly just that, another ploy of theirs.

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