Im so not happy

I come home from work and he’s in the other room. I go in there, ask him what he did today… he basically jumped down my throat…. So I’m in my room, Vito comes in, him and Randy are whispering. Then he gets mad because he asked me what was wrong and I say how I don’t like the whispering bullshit… why do they do that shit? It’s just us 3 in the freaking house. It’s so disrespectful and what the fuck are they talking about that I can’t know?? I’m so tired of him not working. He let his truck go back after me paying the down payment ($900, he paid 100). He didnt make one fucking payment….  so that’s why he’s not working. Although his buddy, our neighbor let’s him use the car almost every day if he wants it…. just hands over the keys. Now why cant he find a job to go do? He does construction/remodeling work. Every time I’m online looking I see tons of jobs. He just doesn’t look. We’re kicked out of our house, supposed to already be gone and there’s no fucking money to do it. My phones going to die. Gotta post this before I decide not to. There’s so much more to the story….

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  1. Hello Denise, i hope this reply finds you well. I honestly thing that your boyfriend isn’t really appreciating the things you do to him. while i was reading your journal i felt like he needed a mother more than he needed a lover. You’d do anything for him, but he wouldn’t… i am sorry to say so… i am sure he loves you too. But it looks like he is still not ready for the real thing.. and having your neighbors car has to stop.. because getting everything he needs this easily is making him lazier and more dependent on the people around him. You should , be true about your feelings and thoughts because you’re torturing yourself and if i were you i would take my distances just for him to notice that i do not approve of what he’s doing and shake him up a little to be more independent and not have everything or anything offered on a golden tray. Make him work for it..
    it might be a little hard at first because it sounds like he has already gotten used to having everything so easily and smoothly.
    i hope my advises are helpful, we women always understand each other. And we’ve been in similar situations.

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond to my journal entry. I really super appreciate it. And your right… it is just so much more easier said than done…. every day that passes makes it easier to do though, when the time comes…. and it’s funny that you referred to him needing a mother instead. He is 10 years younger than me

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