In the Beginning


 So I started this today because I have nothing better to do. I feel like my life is out of control and this is way better than being medicated. Going to a therapist and being on meds… Not an option. Firstly, I do not have insurance. Secondly, I am capable of problem solving enough that I am not going to hang from the rafters. And seriously if I spell something wrong at this point, I am okay with it. Smart people can figure it out and compassionate people will understand, not judge, and move on. 

 I am rather happy to have found this. It is a better option than looking crazy among your friends on Facebook. I am sick of those people who are unable to filter and just pour it all out of the damn pitcher. If you read this you will see that I pack these things full of strange sayings. Well, for that I can say it is purely a Southern thing. Make up sayings as you go. They make sense if you think about it a sec. If not, sit back and laugh. Everyone else does.

 My life… I really have very little to complain about. There are a lot more people in far worse situations. I just happen to have major depression. There is, however, enough in my life to distract the woe. It is just the inside that is not visible. Hell, I am rather invisible most times anyway.

 I “work” five days a week. I have no complaints as I am paid well. My home life is less desirable. I have a the normal family, crazy. I have medical issues, but I manage them the best way possible. I am the typical underappreciated homebody that one would be. I take care of things by myself because no one has the gumption to do the most simple task. My friend pool consists of the neighbor lady across the street and the family who live next door. No complaints there. They are great. I guess I just feel alone.

 You are probably thinking that maybe I need to go out more. I will decline. I am one for not wasting money I do not have. I have a large home with enough stuff to keep me entertained. And beside that, I am content being a boring homebody. But there are days I just can not get it together. Today is one of those days.


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