One thought on “7. No Use”

  1. I completely understand you since we’re the same age and my husband happens to be a gamer too.. it’s crazy how hypnotized they get when they are surrounded by screens.
    What my husband tells is that its a way fro them to disconnect after a long day at work so i let him play a game or two just so i can satisfy him and not choke him. But when it comes to me, wanting my alone time! No way!
    Anyways, once he was in bed on his phone.. i sat on the edge of the bed took my cloths off and crawled next to him under the blanket…… guess what happened ? noting 🙂 , so i learnt not to give a lot and even thought it might be very hard but try to show him sometimes that you dont notice him, he’ll come back crawling to you wanting to be pampered. Just like the french saying: ” Suis le il te fuit , Fuit le il te suis.”

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