The Ex-Guardian of The Isolated Castle has never asked for any of this. Once again, this happened and her friends have cheered for her. They consider it a miracle.
After a while, Love has started knocking on her Castle Door…again and again. This time, it is soft and continuous despite her best effort to remain cool and almost oblivious. It is patient, but with a much stronger persistence.
Love is present…in the form of a pair of Soulful Eyes and a Serene Smile. Those are such rare qualities in one, not in this chaotic world nowadays.
Is this really love, though? Is it not just her curiousity…and aching fixation just to get away from reality? They hardly talk and rarely meet. Is he always that soulful and serene? You know what they say; there’s always more than meets the eye – so much more.
He is indeed a magnetic mystery. Will she risk herself once again – even with just a step forward – to uncover what lies beneath that tough exterior, the shield of all his truest emotions? Does she even dare?
They say it’s normal and okay. She deserves to be happy.
Perhaps this time, he really is The One.
However, she still has that second thought. What if Soulful and Serene were also a warlock in disguise? What would she do?
Will he be a miracle…or another similar trouble?

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