Day 470 – Last Friday of school

Friday, June 9th 2017

Last Friday of school; next one is an exam. 11th grade went by at the blink of an eye…

I started with psychology. We have study periods since yesterday, so I just used a Chromebook to work on my English written task.

In French we continued our essay plan for the exam and I think I made a decent one. I’ll just have to rephrase things a bit when I write it at the exam.

At lunch I showed Kohai my artwork from my art class, since we emptied out our things, and then I left to sit with my close friends.

In art I continued working on the mural. I didn’t see the woman in her office at all, so it was basically just me painting, almost singing to music, but stopping myself as just whispers, and taking breaks on my phone, since the pattern I’m painting is pretty repetitive and can get boring. Though, a girl walked in at some point and this is how the convo went :

“Hello, could I ask you a question?”

“Oh, sure.”

“Do you happen to have fifteen cents?”

“Oh, no.”

“Okay, thank you for your time.”

The last thing she said made me think she just tried to sell me something, especially how she said it, haha. I didn’t have money on me, I usually never do at school, but even if I did, I don’t think I’d give it. One reason, is cause I know someone who speaks like that and it is a façade; she is actually very mean-spirited and greedy. If she wants something, she’ll act all cute, polite and innocent for it, then the next day talk badly about you, even if you’re listening—she makes sure you’re listening without directly telling you. Although the girl that came to me while painting seemed legitimately scared to speak to me, so I don’t think she’s that type of person. Either way, she didn’t give off any hints of being in serious economic need, especially since she spoke loudly to her friends and laughed about how she needs fifteen cents for the cafeteria afterwards, so I wouldn’t give it to her.

I finished with English, so I continued on my written task. I realised I actually wrote 5 pages, which is more than what I usually do, and I didn’t even notice. Well, I’m still following the word count, and it seems to be intended to be that long anyway. It’s also double spaced, cause MLA. Oh, and my French teacher usually asks MLA then a page title, which doesn’t go together, and my English teacher was even confused over that. SEE, MISS? Shows how much you’re disorganised most of the time…

At home I finished building the houses on the server, played some Rocket League, watched YouTube, ate, watched more Youtube and continued my drawing—this is what I did so far :

Ignore the signature—I start signing my drawings when they look at least almost complete and share them online, cause art stealers are pretty common. I also sign my drawings in 3 different names, haha. I have that one for my personal online friends, another for my public Twitter account/future YouTube, and then my real name for my family, friends and school.

I watched Supernatural and I love Castiel so much ugh. He looks awkward sometimes, but I’m awkward, so makes me like him even more.

That’s all for today.


One thought on “Day 470 – Last Friday of school”

  1. Thanks! I actually plan on exercising and finally getting healthy. Hopefully I don’t procrastinate.

    Thanks for the compliments on the drawing! And yeah, it’s a shame there’s people like that out there. You should try posting your drawings at some point—put a watermark over it if you feel more safe that way, since it’s harder to remove.

    That’s good that we have that in common c: And 11th grade was the best grade for me, so hope it is for you as well!

    Best wishes for a fun and relaxing break from school for you as well!

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