I believed her when she told me she loves me more than I do, that she won’t leave, she won’t get tired, that she is different. I trusted her; I was stupid.

it is exhausting to give everything I can and not receive the same amount in return. it is tiring to love someone whom you are not sure if she feels the same way about you. it is tiring to love someone who makes you feel unsure of yourself and unimportant.

I am not demanding. I want to feel worthy without requesting, I think I deserve that much. it is tiring to give your all to someone who doesn’t give the same effort. it is exhausting to run after someone who doesn’t want to stay. I deserve something more than your coldness, your anger and your unending requests.

maybe you did love me

but not now

because you don’t do this to someone you love.

when you love someone, you tell them

you don’t wait for them to ask

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