You know how everyone at some point has talked about “finding the one”? Well, you can add me to that cliché list ASAP! 🙂 

I’ve noticed little differences in me that he inspires, to be more mature, to be more rational, and to better control my ‘bitchiness’ which is really immature and ugly on a ‘lady’. Truth be told, I am somewhat or a spoiled little brat, and I’ve been so all my life when I should be a little more considerate of my actions and words. He’s so amazingly good to me. And I hope I can be good enough for him too.

I don’t want him to leave but he’s going to be returning to Penn. to visit his family. He hasn’t told them that he’s dating me. It won’t be ‘happy’ news when he tells them that he’s got a girlfriend in Colorado, and he’ also going to tell them that he doesn’t plan on joining the church either. He’s also going to tell them that he got into UCLA med school and he’s moving to California, not back home. And probably the cherry on top of bad news for them is that he’s been going to a completely new church. Ashton has confided in me that when he reads the bible he doesn’t agree with many things the Amish church does. Apparently, the bureaucracy is something that he’s had a problem with his whole life. And he’s been attending Catholic mass and speaking to a priest about conversion and joining the Catholic church. I have no idea what the definite differences are between these two churches, besides the obvious ‘amish’ context, what I did understand from him telling me, is that Catholicism pretty much goes against many things the Amish belief, including baptism for adults. I don’t know anything about it. I don’t know what they’re going to be more upset about. I hope everything goes well for him, and that eventually things work themselves out. 

He’s leaving Monday and he’ll probably stick around for a month or so, he needs to spend time with his family too. I understand. 

I don’t want him to leave, I’m sad 🙁 But for now we get to spend 1 more day together. 🙂 

I also got a phone call from my parents and they’re having a blast. I only regret not going because of the food. I’m a foodie. And I love Italian food. lol.

As for me, I’m going South to Louisiana <3 to visit and stay with my family. I love ALL of my family down there, they’re all so sweet and loving. And during the summer they have a HUGE family reunion that usually lasts for a week. It’s awesome! And I get to see my cousin Brielle who is more like a sister to me. 🙂 The only ‘bad’ part about it all is that my grandparents home is located in rural Louisiana in the swamp! I’m talking the SWAMP. Where certain ‘neighborhoods’ you can reach by small paddle boat, or mini-ferries. That kind of ‘rural Louisiana’. I’m not the biggest fan of the humidity down there either, I hate how my skin always breaks out because of it too. And the ugly alligators everywhere is not something I’m a fan of either. But even so, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOUISIANA. And even though I’m going to miss my babe, I’m excited I get to visit down south. 🙂 

Well thats it for now, the food is here, so I’m going to go eat ! 

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