Series of my mind conflicts… part 1

Dear Ammu,

Life is never easy. The society specially,the Indian society is based on a stereotype- STUDY WELL-GET GOOD JOB- LIFE SETTLED. So the kids which are born who have no idea what the world is about,follows their parents visions, their circumstances follow them. I’m born and brought up in a middle class family. My mom has sacrificed a hell lot for our survival..(i have one more sibling).Unfortunately not all the persons who are considered to be “beneficial to your family”are born where they have to be.. I was expected to study and gain great score and get a good job..You are how you are meant to be. May be upto some level you can build up your skills but can you ask an ant to have an elephant’s capacity. So how does parents expect their children to be what they want them to be..



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