The Start Of A Trip Into A Teenager’s Mind

Many people are curious about the teenage mind.

Maybe you’re curious about what your teenage daughter thinks about now during this time period.

Maybe you’re scared about what your teenage daughter is doing.

Or, maybe you just can’t help yourself and want to live through the teenage mindset.

Well, maybe I could help with that.

I am remaining anonymous, for the time being, but all I will say is that I am a 15 year old female that will be a sophomore when school starts up again.

This journal will not be censored. These are the true, raw thoughts that swirl in my mind. Take it how you want, read it how you wish, but please don’t be cruel about it. Teenagers are secretive because of how we think you will perceive our minds.

Enjoy the journey into the thoughts.

I will try to post daily. Maybe weekly. I am a lazy teenager, so I can’t promise anything.


Update: I’ve decided to tell you my name. It’s Savannah.

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