The Draven Calendar

Note: The Draven calendar is exactly the same as the Gregorian calendar.

The Sabbats are the Four Sacred Months to help focus on reality in terms of nature until Halloween, which celebrates the birth of Fiona Mew before her transformation into Ariel.  Yule (Dec. 24) — the holy day of fasting — celebrates the Transformation. April Fool’s Day celebrates the founding of Draven and thus nicknamed April Fool’s. Ren try to be on their best behavior on Sabbats because they are extremely sacred.

April — April

Beltane — May

Ennea — June

Falcon — July

Lammas — August

Mabon — September

Samhain — October

PHawthorn — November

Yuletide — December

Oidnus — January

Imbolc — February

Danu — March


The Sabbats are based on the elements of the fixed Zodiac signs, as follows:

Imbolc : Winter Festival (Aquarius)

May: Spring Festival (Taurus)

Lammas: Summer Festival (Leo)

Samhain: Autumn Festival (Scorpio)



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