The Journal of A Black Woman with a Sense of Humor


I need a journal to vent out my things I go through as an African American woman along with the little funny stories that comes with it. Trust me I go through so much funny stuff and drama you would think I need my own T.V.  show.  Just because I’m talking about this does not mean I am racist. 

Trust me I’m not. 

Being pro black does not mean I’m anti-white.

Anyways feel free to comment positive things. Negativity is not allowed.

First things first hair. I’m tired of people thinking that black people can’t grow long hair. That is false. If you take care of your hair, you have the ability to have long hair. If you don’t have growing hair you need to seek treatment. Immediately! That means you either put something in it that damaged your hair or not even using the right products. Just because we buy weave does not mean we are bald. We buy weave for style…just like any other celebrity. Including white celebrities. They love their extensions and wigs. I mean look at Dolly Parton? America’s favorite country singer wearing wigs and no one is all up her butt about it. It’s a style that should be taken care of. If you take care of it really well people probably can’t even tell if its yours or not. If you don’t put it on or install extensions or wigs properly it will fall off.

Trust me. I know from personal experience. Lets rewind backwards to the sixth grade. You know every black woman can relate when their mother did their hair with tight clips until they were of age to do their own hair. So I was ready for  my mom to stop giving me childish hairstyles. I decided to get a ponytail extension to give my hair some life. Oh god I remember this story like it was yesterday. Anyways I thought I was grown. I tied it into my own ponytail and thought that since it stayed like that I was good. I went to school loving the compliments people were giving me until….the end of the day. When things went completely haywire. My friend meant grabbed my jacket so that I can hurry and catch the school bus. But she accidentally grabbed my hair and jacket. The hair immediately fell off and hit the floor.

Everyone was looking at it and I was so embarrassed. I heard everyone laughing their ass off about it.My friend apologized but it taught me a lesson. Make sure your ponytail is secured in really tight with your own hair.

Not only did it fall on the floor but fell in front of my crush at the time. SO not attractive. But a funny story that I can look back and laugh at now that I’m older and wiser.

Remember folks don’t shame black hair, extensions or weave. Take care of it and make sure it’s  on your head properly and continue to boss up! 



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