A glimpse to the future

It was another boring day at work, doing the same routine for almost 5 years, when I tried to look back what I wanted in life, I never did imagined that I would end up like this.

I’m now 25 years old and graduated for 5 years already, an email notification had popped up on my phone and when I tried viewing it I saw the title like this

SJS High school Batch 2007

Greetings! You are cordially invited for a class reunion 

This coming June XX year 2017

it will be will the first homecoming reunion after a decade of separate ways

please reply with a yes I’m coming or No I’m busy for confirmation

it will be a great event where you can meet your former batchmates

will be waiting for 24 hours for reservation of slots

Hope to see you there!

thank you,

Management (sjsalumnioffice@edu.ph)


after reading the whole email

my finger froze up and unable to decide what to reply

should I go or Not?

Is it good to meet my former batch mates or not?


unable to make an instant decision, I let my phone lie down the table and started going back to my work

i face my computer and started checking if every line type is correct and if every entry I made doesn’t have any single mistake


an hour had passed and my eyes started to ache a little and I rested my eye and looked outside the window

so it’s been 10 years huh? Ever since I graduated in my secondary education, it had been a decade

i started reminiscing my friends and recalling the moments that I could still remember

then I checked my facebook account and typed my HS friends’ name and started scrolling their profile

ohh nice, she became a flight attendant and she’s now working in PAL, it’s great that she had achieved her childhood dream

then again I typed one of my friends’ name to see an update, oh he’s working in a AMA now, he really became a computer programmer, it’s great since he’s always had been an enthusiast

hmmm, how about our class president? If I remember correctly she wanted to be a CPA Lawyer, then when I browse her site, I saw pics and posts about her becoming a CPA and wow she’s even married now. I wonder if she will pursue law after all?

hmm how about our schools’ bratty rich girls, I wonder what happened to them?

i started seeing them one by one, all of them got married and had their babies while one out of the four group became not so lucky.

and to think she was the prideful leader, how saddening is the twists of fate

then In all of their profiles, I saw one thing common, they are all member of the group SJS2007family

haha I never even know something like that existed

then I started visiting that group’s page

257 members wow, it’s like all of them are members already and I was the only one left that wasn’t a member.

i requested to join and the shout out board had a survey

batch reunion attendance

attending 200 person said yes

not attending 0 person

not sure 30 person


wow so many will be attending to it, missing this first event is surely quite saddening

then I saw so many of previous batch mates updates

some became doctor, some engineneers, some became teachers, nurses, police and even a soldier

wow it somehow it became thrilling for me

i wonder how about the others?


i finished my work and after going out of my workplace’s building I saw a newly opened coffee shop


i decided to take a look inside and grab a coffee before traveling home

then I was shocked, after opening the door I saw one of my batch mate, he’s become an owner of that shop. A total shock that we would not expect since he was a carefree person


after seeing him, I turned around, I feel not ready to socialize and walked out of his shop, too bad he had lost a customer (me) 


instead of a coffee I prefer to eat my favorite meal, I went to mang Inasal across the street and when I’m already at the counter, the cashier suddenly said “ma’am pa void po” then there I saw one of my teacher working as a manager in mang Inasal now and I happily greet him “sir!!! You’re a manager now, remember me? I was your student ten years ago”

he laughed at me and said, it’s nice that I can still remember him. And he’s much more happy   Pursuing his passion rather than doing what he was told to do 10 years ago, as we parted ways he also gave me an advice, if you think that you’re not getting any challenge from it then move, it’s not meant for you to stay like that forever.


i dwelled in his words thoroughly until I ride inside the train, maybe too much thinking made me feel sleepy and started sleeping a little


it was then when I got awaken…


i was sitting in my chair, sitting inside our classroom waiting for the next teacher to come

it seemed like I dozed off a little…


but it was lucky that it was all a dream, then sir Alvarez came and said, okay class stop the napping time, it’s time for lesson, but before that, please tell me what you would want to be 10 years from now…


I raised my hand and said, sir my mom wants me to become a nurse but I wanted to become an Programmer. And I dreamt of you saying that we should choose our passion instead of following anyone’s choice therefore I will be a programmer…


mr Alvarez, very well said. I too wanted a different career and not teaching..


all my classmates got shocked because he is a very wonderful teacher, it will be a waste to lose a great teacher like him


then I told him, sir.. You’d look awesome as a manager of a restaurant


then he looked at me and said, wow you’ve guessed what I’ve always wanted to be.


then I told him, it seemed like I had a “glimpse to the future” in my dream


and he replied, it would be wonderful if you’ve learned something from it 


I smiled and said “of course sir, I would never want to a repetitive and boring cycle of routine as my future after all”


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