I don’t know if you consider this good news or bad news. I don’t even know how to tell you this. All I know is that she keeps on bugging me.
That’s right, she’s been on my case since she first met you. Oh, no. Wait, I think that was the third time.
You know what people say. Sometimes it only takes one look, one smile…and that’s it, your whole world’s been turned around. A much more logical part of me has rejected the idea long ago. This ain’t no fairy tale, as I keep telling myself – over and over – as often as I tell her.
This is real life. Anything goes. Anything can happen anytime.
This means, she shouldn’t be putting her head in the clouds. Whether it’s Cloud Number 9 or 10, it’s just the same.
They can all be equally misleading.
Still, she can’t seem to get you out of her head lately – and she has no idea why. Has love started forming somewhere in the bottom of her old heart, slowly infecting her entire being – like some alien virus with no cure?
Isn’t it just her curiousity that breeds this somewhat nonsensical obsession?
Either way, she has somehow made me see you through her eyes. How your serenity has struck her, slowly threatening to shatter her tough exterior, her cool composure. How your soulful eyes and gentle voice are like soft waterfalls to her fiery rage against the wicked side of this world.
And your smile…God, seriously? Do you really need me to go there?
This is why I’m not sure how to tell you. Will this be good…or bad news?

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