Almost Lover

Here I am, single, again.
I broke up with my boyfriend a couple of days ago.
This wasn’t a first for me, I find it hard to open up and never truly connect with anyone. I keep trying, but it never seems to work.

This time was different, it was a practical choice.
This was the right choice, I keep telling myself.

But why do I feel like this? I’m grieving over our brief relationship, which isn’t all that unusual I don’t think, it just…never happened before.

I guess I’m not that heartless after all, but to be quite frank, this feeling, is the exact reason why I don’t let people get close to me.

2 thoughts on “Almost Lover”

  1. I’m also grieving right now. I know how you feel, but i was the one who got cheated on and i had to know from someone else we’re no longer a couple 🙁

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