Growing Up Wiccan

When I turned three years old I began to have nightmares about past lives, and when I spoke of them to my parents, they suggested I convert to Wicca and so I did.  I found myself with magical powers straight from nature, a by-product of practice.  I befriended a girl exactly my age into whom also was a Wiccan.  We attended Halloween parties without dressing up and Yule parties on Christmas Eve.  We were taught to take our time in reading the Gnosa and attended a fellowship to worship the God and the Goddess, originally a joke to poke fun at God’s androgyny.  We attended fellowship on Mondays.  When it came to reading the Gnosa, we were told to be patient and take our time.

As Antarcticans, we moved to Texas where we were stationed by the Gataca (the Bahamian military force) and I attended the University Of Texas at San Antonio while my life partner Kimberly attended Texas Tech.  Later, as I went to graduate school, I was tested in a middle school.  When I was placed in an education doctorate (Ed.D.), I was a model student attending a high school to test my theory.  My peers acted like children because they married as children in Mississippi during the 1980’s.  Wicca was founded by a 13-year-old Irish girl who was to be married to a boy she disliked and the Pope’s blessings set her free, hence my stressors.

The Wicca that is said to be countercultural is really white Rasta.  We Wiccans disguised ourselves as nonreligious in order to avoid conflict.  It’s heritage is Christianity as a merger between Druidism and Gnosticism.

Of course, I did not engage in the occult nor used incantations as in Spellcraft when I was a teenager.  I just fooled around with the New Age movement even though it died.  The funny part was that I was emancipated at age 16 but did not date for my priorities were serving the Gataca and studying for a Doctor of Education.

With great powers comes great responsibilities.  I want every Wiccan to come out of the closest, step up to the plate and realize that they have to be control their powers.

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