Growing Up New Age

When I was three years old I found myself praying to the moon uttering the Fivefold Law October 6, 1984 and thus became a full-fledged Hyperion and myself able to stand up to Satan without Jesus Christ.  I befriended a girl exactly my age into whom also was a Hyperion.  We attended Halloween parties without dressing up and Yule parties on Christmas Eve.  We were taught to take our time in reading the Bible and attended a fellowship to worship Gaia.  We attended fellowship on Mondays.  When it came to reading the Bible, we were told to be patient and take our time.  As a matter of fact, we Archimedians live the Bible as if we were biblical characters.

As Antarcticans, we moved to Texas in 1994 due to changes ranging from job transfers to higher education.  I attended the University of Alexandria from 1990-1994.  Later, as I went to graduate school, I was tested in a middle school.  When I was placed in an education doctorate (Ed.D.), I was a model student attending a high school to test my theory.  It was correct!

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