Keeping an eye on your problem – Day 5

I know I’ve missed a lot of days but this is going to be my day five and today, on a scale of 0 to 10, I’m a one or a two. I got so angry at another girl at work and when I get angry like that, the cravings to drink become very strong because I’m just searching desperately for a way to calm myself down. I’m outside taking a break and smoking, I called my husband and I’m putting it out there that I’ve now entered the time period where relapses happen. My lack of anger management is a big issue for my sobriety and it gets worse when I drink anyways so alcohol is not a solution in this case. I’m also overworked and sleeping poorly and letting my eating disorder get the best of me and worrying too much about money and not letting myself rest; I’m not doing anything healthy for myself right now other than calling myself out. I guess that’s one thing I wouldn’t have done in the past; tell on myself to keep myself from drinking. I don’t want to drink today. That’s my only goal. 

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