Painting emotions

So I’ve started to use painting as a way to “de-stress” myself. Does it work?Not really, yet kind of.

Last night I couldn’t sleep as well since I kept thinking and thinking, AND thinking. Did painting help find an outlet for my anger and sadness? If anything, it only drains me a tiny bit. Crying works good for sadness, but it doesn’t work for any anger that builds up. I seriously think I should take up something like kick-boxing. Painting is frustrating a bit. I can’t draw what I really want to draw. I thought of abstract painting, but I’m not sure how well that can express myself. I really want it to display everything I feel, but that’s hard when you’re still on the path to properly learning how to draw.

I guess painting has helped me, a lot. It helps me when I’m angry or sad, it takes my mind off the bad times. I’m not the best painter and I’m lucky I can draw, but even paint splatter can look pleasing, so I’m not too worried about how horrible I am. It can be frustrating when I have the image in my mind but not the artistic skill to put it down on paper.

I’ve gotten into cursive with paint splatter, so I write words instead of draw flowers constantly.

I never realized how much painting makes you focus or think for that matter. I’ve learned so much about how water affects colors, since I’m using a mix of water colors and metal paints.

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  1. Good for you. Ive been getting back to track with art as well but can’t see myself getting over stress

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