Stress levels

How do you handle yours?

I’m crazy and all over the place, I dont handle my stress well and i know that. But i also know i try. I mean my life is hectic, and im trying to figure everything out at once, and i have never been a fan of change. for someone that doesnt tend to like change ive moved alot and changed alot of things about myself and my life. But im happy with it. I finally have decided who i want too be. i have finally decided the kind of person i want too be and i tried it some today and i really do like that person more…. i wasnt too fond of myself before but im getting pretty happy with the person i am becoming. I want too succeed and be sucessful. Im starting school back in a week or 2, and im realizing the people i want too stay in my life, and the goals i want too acheieve. Im pretty proud of myself. I might not handle stress well.. But i accomplish whats needed

Stress rant



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