Sunday June 11th

I feel like I got a lot of stuff done today. I went to Lowes first and took back those boxes I bought yesterday. I went to the Apple Store to see about my watch. Ugh. Didn’t get a new one, but we’ll see if the genius bar guy was right about his battery fix idea. Then I came home and I couldn’t get my door open! My door knob was just spinning around- and the electrician was in my apartment installing my fan! He got the fan up- it looks good. My place would look so much better if it was painted. I need a new light fixtures in the living area and the place panted and it would look pretty good. the bathtub is still disgusting and the bathroom window, but otherwise it’s okay. 

So crazy- craig messaged me today – like a few times- we had a conversation. He asked when he was going to be invited here. I told him he is always welcome. I would love for him to visit. I will always love him. I had never had my heart broken like that before- maybe Edward, but that’s it. 

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