When Kindness Cannot Be Found, Be Kind

ironic isn’t it? when someone tells you to be yourself, open up, be vulnerable, and then splits because they cannot handle it. it is just so much easier to deal with 2-dimensional people, isn’t it? you folded me like paper and slipped me into your pocket, taking me out only when you wanted to deal with me. but a 3-dimensional person isn’t so easy to fold, or even hold, but you know that, don’t you? isn’t that why you left?

we all want held; unfortunately, when we feel that someone can’t or even won’t hold us, we begin to question whether we are worth being held. our baggage is too heavy, too serious, too sad.

there is no shame is holding yourself; sometimes holding ourselves is all we can do. doing so does not make you arrogant or self-absorbed. being kind to yourself even means allowing yourself to feel mixed emotions; reveling in the full emotional range of human existence.

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