Day O64 – False friend

 Today was okay.

In office I have completed first draft of my major task and did some bug fixing, there is a college in my office who is good friend of mine . I used to share most of my private stuff with him and in past he gave me some very good advises but recently he starts bullying, taunting, speaking bullshit about me and this sort of things, I don’t know what was the reason behind, all these things made me thing about “Is he really a friend of mine, may be a fake friend” so from now on I’m going to treat him like a just colleague that’s it.

Edit: or may be its me not understanding his jokes because in professional life people don’t do personal jokes on others until unless they are comfortable or close with them.

That’s it for today.

2 thoughts on “Day O64 – False friend”

  1. Thanks OB for your kind words, with time they will, from my end I also have to set the boundary so that they will know who I’m and what I demand in my respect.

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