Monday June 12th

It 2 more days I get my exam results. I think it’s ridiculous I’ve been waiting since April. I don’t see why they can’t just post them when they’re graded. You know mine has been done for weeks. They just make you sick, waiting and not knowing. If I didn’t pass both of those, I will need to re-evaluate. I am also still waiting on that letter from UK. If I don’t hear anything from them before, I am going there when I am in Lexington. So stupid I have to effing beg them to do their fucking job. All I need is a letter. Jesus. 

I am going to be so bored at school the next two weeks. The kids only come for their tests, and we aren’t having class anymore after today. I am already bored out of my mind with my stupid sped job- I will be really bored when I have NOTHING to do. 

Noah will be here later this week. I’m not sure exactly when. Thursday evening I think. He was originally supposed to get here on Saturday and now they are saying Thursday. Who the hell knows. 


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